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Islamic Awareness - Reply To Robert Morey\'s Moon-God Allah Myth. A Look At The Archeological Evidence.pdf
Since 1991 Ditlef Nielsen's views were given a new and unexpected twist by the Christian polemicist Robert Morey. In a series of pamphlets, books and radio programs, he claimed that "Allah" of the Qur'an was nothing but the pagan Arab "Moon-god". To…

Anwar Ibrahim - Universal Values and Muslim Democracy.pdf
The desire for freedom and self-government is written in human hearts everywhere; in this there can be no "clash of civilizations." The quest for democracy among Muslims today is one of the most prominent and transformative features of our time.…

Joel Stephen Williams - The Error of Inerrancy.pdf
Is the Bible inerrant? Inerrancy is a key symbol of orthodoxy for much of evangelism and all of fundamentalism today. The article discusses the issues of textual inerrancy and the problems associated with this position.
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